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Without An Umbrella, V. 3.0

So yeah, I’ve been away a while, and a lot has happened since I talked to you last.

I made this my new front yard:


I did a little traveling:


I went kinda Paleo:


But not all the time – sheesh:

In addition to a lovely new site design (courtesy the charming and talented Seattle-based designer, Alice Wicks), I’ve added some “about” sections — in case you are wondering who I am and why you’re here.

I’ve created a few categories, to wrangle similarly-themed posts. So if you want to read my trip journals from India without weeding through razor clam recipes or snorkeling mishaps, you can just choose “Travelogues” — but do please visit “Oysters & Chocolate” and “Wonderlust.”

I will continue to write about travel, food and life on the Pacific Coast, as well as wherever my fancy leads me, taking into consideration my new occupation as storm watcher and Oysterville’s 14th full-time resident. I am still collecting passport stamps, just doing it from PDX and SEA, rather than LAX and BUR.

I’ll be posting twice-monthly now — so more of me! You are luckier than you can imagine!

You can also find me on the Without an Umbrella Facebook page, and onTwitter (@lindaeee — if you want to hear from me in microbursts), Instagram (see what I’m seeing!), Pinterist (gaze at my pinboard of miniature animals!), Google Plus (if you like impracticable Venn diagrams), and Linked In (if you really believe in my questionable endorsements).

If you take the highly-recommended step of subscribing to the blog, you will receive updates to your inbox in the form of a newsletter “tease.” This will be just enticing enough to make you come over here and read the whole dang post. You do not want to miss awesome content like “How to miss your plane in the large and confusing Detroit airport” and you do not want to miss pictures like these:

There will be pictures of dogs…

…unless there are pictures of cats.


Please leave comments!

I want to hear about your experiences and I want your suggestions on things I should see, do and eat (as long as they are not all the same thing).

I am blessed, blissed, and ready to talk — so thank you for stopping by to listen.

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